IT evolution and the reason to be online

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     In the changing world of technology and modern skills in tackling contemporary issues affecting the society, the human kind at the same time is getting smarter and quicker by the day. In the olden days communication was restricted to messengers who more often than not used to walk long distances to deliver a simple but highly regarded message. The period between World War I and II saw the entry of moving machines and some complicated communication gadgets as they were called back then. Bicycles came into existence and locomotives followed suit to enhance the movement of the people. At the same time, the telephone was invented to improve communication among the people. This made things a lot easier since it involved long distance transmission of information from one place to another.

    In the olden days, the content of the message could be distorted, the message could be forgotten or the messenger could get ill on the way and there was no back up system to retrieve the information once any of the above incidences happen. With the new and improved telephone, people could speak in real time and the information is exact. Fax machine was also invented in a small duration later and as expected it brought with it new features and people could also transfer hard copies of information in paper form. This meant that authentic copies of documents were able to be sent among countries of the world within the shortest time possible. Things did not end here in the quest for more efficient machines. During this time, the commercial aspect of the information transmission was not in the picture yet and majorly it concentrated on educating people and relaying news to individuals. The military also relied on the devices hugely and most of the gadgets were developed for them during the World Wars.

   The idea of the mobile phone was developed around the early 1940s and during such time, it was a backpacked two way radio system called the Walkie Talkie which was developed for theUSmilitary. The device was battery powered and the size of a man’s forearm. However, before this, the radio telephony was used in first class passenger trains betweenBerlinandHamburgat around 1926 and also in passenger plane for air traffic security. The bombshell in telecommunications industry occurred with the invention of the computer. Thanks to the efforts of David Packard and Bill Hewlett who founded the Hewlett -Packard brand in 1939. The refined version of the computer occurred in 1941 when Konrad Zuse finished the Z3 computer.  The computer now is super machine capable of doing almost everything under the face of the earth when it comes to communication and data processing. With the inbuilt microchips, the device can store, process, modify, send, receive, and invent all sorts of data in both soft and hard copies.

To make the computer more effective, more gadgets or modems can be attached to it for it to produce more material and products for human use.

    The ability to communicate via email and send and receive large and small volumes of data is what makes the world a smaller place considering that you can converse with anybody from any corner of the world. With this in mind, the commercial aspect of communication has grown more complex and interesting. The industry is growing rapidly fast and each day a new income generating service is created. Internet marketing and promotion what is commonly known as e-commerce or e-marketing is the focus of young and budding entrepreneurs. This is however not a preserve of anyone as both the young is and old are entangled in it. The interconnectivity charges are also a source of revenue for the government in terms of taxes and also an income generating venture for cyber cafe owners. Social networking sites provides an avenue for interaction between people  from any corner of the world where they make friends, share ideas form forums and on many instances are avenues for meeting soul mates. With all this in mind the potential employers also find potential employees on some sites using their profile pages because some also has options for storing documents and personal data.

    Anything that has its advantages surely must have its disadvantages. The advent of the internet has brought with it a lot of risks and losses which to some extent are hard to trace and curb. The networking sites are addictive and for a company this can amount to losses when half of the members are locked chatting with online friends in other continents at the expense of work and important deadlines. This also amounts to wastage of company resources. Consider internet fraud where smart and savvy IT geeks can hack a bank or a company database giving them unlimited access to sensitive information on clients’ accounts and financial assets. This is very risky as they are able to wire the money to foreign accounts and banks since there is still no standard law on internet fraud. Unsuspecting victims have also been lured into get rich quick schemes where they are required to invest large sums of money in initiatives with long term benefits as they also register more members into the organization. Many cases have also been reported of hacked email addresses which are in turn used to relay messages to those in the contact list of stranded email account holder seeking help in form of money.

    The revolution in the communication industry has brought with it far reaching consequences some beneficial to the society and others threatening the smooth operation on the day to day activities of the human kind.


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