Nine months you carried me with you

Through pain and suffering

This, mum, you did without complaining.

Through the happy moments and bad ones too.


Though you could only imagine,

Your presence was felt daddy

Food on the table for the whole family

You knew someone was coming.


Helping each other and providing comfort,

You both knew how to tackle issues

Feeding us day in day out

This is a credit to you both daddy and mummy.


Mummy held the family together

Daddy did all the difficult part

Schooling, clothing, feeding and a good shelter for all

You both make me proud.


Daddy knows how I feel

Mummy knows what I want

Sometimes they disagree how to impress me

I Love you both dear mum and dad.


Nothing lasts forever

I miss you so much daddy

This is a tribute to you

I wish you were here to share some with me

By Alex Owanoh



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