Just sick of ladies calling all men dogs, and men calling all ladies hoes or sluts.

I’m really sick of all the men saying women are hoes, sluts and/or tramps. Newsflash, someone has to be sexing them and guess what, it’s us men. Then after doing so and finding out your homeboy or crew already hit, all of a sudden she is a hoe or slut. She wasn’t that when you were calling her whenever you wanted some. Oh yea men, when you being selfish and simply about getting yours, more times than not you didn’t even satisfy her, but yet you think you the man in bed. I’m willing to bet the biggest hoe you know or think you know has slept with less people than you, so what does that make you exactly? You men are so tired of hoes, well, blame your fellow males for continuing the trend giving attention, buying things, boosting egos and sexing these so called hoes, so don’t look for change because it’s not happening! Men: Do Better

The same way, I’m really sick of all the women saying men are dogs, players and no good. Newsflash, for each and every female that allows poor treatment, disrespectful behavior, any type of abuse, taking him back when cheating, etc, it is you who continues this cycle because you all are the ones allowing this to happen staying with a man who should be kicked to the curb. Quit telling yourself ‘but I love him’ and using it as an excuse or justification for his ignorant ways, poor treatment and inconsistent behavior. Have more love for yourself and lose the loser. If you don’t get rid of him, then blame yourself and all the other women unable to do so for not reading the writing on the wall when the signs are always there, thinking he is going to change or somehow you’re the one who he will change for because it’s not happening! Women: Do Better!



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