What Turns Men Off

Things that turn men off.

You have been in the singles club for quite some time now, all your girlfriends whom you consider not as gorgeous as you, are either married or in serious relationships with a guy you envy. You have gone for many dates but no guy bothers to call you back, so what really went did you do wrong?

You may assume that you were destined to live alone or worse still, you may think that the many men eye you are intimidated by your beauty and maybe one day the perfect match will come by.

There is an old saying that our mothers told us…’you will kiss many frogs before you find the man who will sweep you off your feet’. Well, probably there is one thing that your mama never told you that some behaviours are a complete turnoff to men either when you are meeting him for the first time or during the courtship.

The search for a perfect man can leave you devastated and lonely. Ladies, no matter how much you complain about men folk, if you take a closer look at your behaviour you may realize that you are the one sabotaging your relationship sending all men to run for dear lives. Men are sensitive by nature though they may not admit it. They are turned off by small things that women do.

A complainer/whiner

Ask any man and they will all agree there that nothing turns them off like a woman who is always complaining entirely about the whole world and is out to prove that she is being persecuted by everyone is a no. She has perfected the art of seeing the glass half-empty rather than half full. Men love women who they can relate with easily at equal level. Confidence and friendliness, these are qualities that are appreciated. If you must complain to a man, prove solutions too and that way, it creates room for discussion and everything will balance out.

A man hater

It is your first date with a cool dude and all you are talking about is how you despise men, how all men are dogs and they all cheat…you have put a mindset that there exists no good man in the universe and you suggest that all ladies should remain single. This kind of talk has perfectly spoiled the mood and granted you a big NO from your date. Even if you have had your heart broken, reserve your comments to your girlfriends. Again, nothing is quite intimidating as a lady who talks ill about the menfolk during a date. It makes the man to feel incomplete and wonder what you are doing with her.

Arrogance and public rudeness

We all know of women who throw tantrums at the slightest provocation creating the inclination of a two year old baby, especially in public places. Men love women who are sensitive to other people’s feelings and who avoids conflicts and knows how to deal with issues when placed in confrontational situations. Confronting and yelling at a waiter or waitress who has brought a wrong order in a restaurant will leave the man wondering whether he can live with that kind of character in his house.

Insecure about looks

Men love women with high self esteem. A weak woman who always looks towards her man for compliments about her image is not liked generally. Someone who is firm, decisive and kind will be a great combination to attract men. Men get tired of all questions posed to them, especially when he is not in the mood. ‘Am I fat?’, ‘Am I too slim?’, ‘Should I add a few kilos?’, ‘Does my neck look too long in this attire?’ and many others. These are some questions that men find irritating though he may never mention it. What you may not know is that the qualities you do not like about yourself are what attracted him to you. So unless you are moving or looking for a new relationship, don’t mention this to a man you are already an item with.

Overly sensitive

Crying was always believed to be a sign of femininity and considered appealing to the stronger sex. However, a sobbing, whimpering woman can be a major irritant to turn men off. And women of the other hand do not despise or get repelled at a man crying. Just don’t be an overgrown baby.

Overly dependent

Guys do like playing the knight in the shining armor but just not all the time. So ladies, drop the damsel in distress act because most of the guys say they much prefer being with a woman who was independent. With all the empowerment talk of women, it is high time you learn to be your own providers and avoid depending on your husbands or boyfriends for provision of your daily needs. Even the Bible says God blesses the works of our hands.

Poor communication

It is common knowledge that the fabric that holds a relationship together for long is constant communication and some bit of sex [or quality (memorable) time together].This works both ways and can be initiated from any platform, mode, means or medium. The bottom line is that you have communicated with your partner. Men feel happy, appreciated and loved when their ladies keep them in mind. That simple text message of ‘How are you doing?’, ‘I miss you’, ‘Have a lovely day’, ‘Safe journey’, ‘Good night’ or even that comment, like, re-tweet or that inbox message on social sites makes a man know that you are there for them. If something comes up, let them know even if you know they cannot help. Total blackout turns men off and can cost you the relationship. Keep the chats lively too and be honest.

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