CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 2: Is Tanzania South Africa’s Trojan Horse? And Why Did Mandela Like Kagame But Zuma Doesn’t?


THE TWISTS AND TURNS  in the story of how Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have tangled and untangled over the last 35 years to create both the current face-off between Kigali and Dar es Salaam, and the crisis in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo today as reported in CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 1: For Rwanda Its Back To 1996…And For Tanzania Its Back To Uganda 1982 were only beginning.

We need to look south for a moment.In 1994 Nelson Mandela became president of a free and democratic South Africa, and the African National Congress (ANC) took power.

In the many years before Mozambique gained independence from the Portuguese in 1974 after a long liberation war, the armed wing of ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe (“Spear of the Nation”), like several other Southern African resistance movements, was based in Tanzania. Tanzania paid a dear price in endless raids by…

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So glad God does not require a smartphone

A week of shopping has made me wonder: am I smart enough to buy a smartphone?
HTC, iOS, WWDC, S3, Samung, G-U-L-P. How many models are there? How many options can one brain process? Carriers, updates, data plans, and sizes…someone help me! 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM, HSPA+. NFC, GPS, PPI. Dual-core, quad-core. Five megapixels, eight megapixels. Android 4.1, Android 4.2. iOS 6, iOS 7. Q10, Z10. Google Play, iTunes, iCloud. Windows Phone 8 (or is it Windows 8 Phone?). BlackBerry . iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC One. Nexus 4.
Leaves me longing for the day of wired telephones . Changes happen so fast these days, can anyone keep up? By one estimate, there are some 37,000 smartphones on the market today. That was a month ago. Odds are the number is now 38,000. Increasing at the rate of the national debt. Are you kidding me?
I am glad, really glad, that talking to God does not require a smartphone. Jesus taught us to begin our prayers by saying, “Our Father in heaven” (Mt. 6:9). More specifically, our “Abba in heaven.” Abba was an intimate, tender, folksy, pedestrian term, the warmest of the Aramaic words for “father.” Formality stripped away. Proximity promised. Jesus invites us to approach God like a child approaches Daddy. No special training required. No monthly plan needed.
Stunning, don’t you think, that the highest conversation in life requires nothing but an open heart and a “Dear Father?” How gracious of God to keep it simple.
Even more gracious of Him not to require a smartphone.

Learn to communicate well, it’s the cornerstone

If someone meets me and only wants to text me to get to know me, I will never have any real feelings for them…If someone is a poor communicator, repeatedly leave text conversations open without saying bye, good night, have a good day, etc or don’t often return texts or calls promptly they are not for me…If someone I call, text, or leave a message with doesn’t respond but posting and commenting from their mobile on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, we don’t have the same common courtesies and they aren’t for me either…Many people may think I’m an old soul or old fashioned for actually wanting and needing to see, hear or have live interaction to care for someone but I won’t change who I am for them or technology advances ever because no one knows me like me!



You make me cheat on my job
On my desktop I transfix’
Very busy from far, but far from busy.
At the mention of your name my pen drop’
And my fingers in a frenzy
Drum the tabs like stilted lunatics

If you were my objective,
I would spend my time religiously
And up the ladder through ranks
With intents subjective,
My boss would reward prodigiously
My enthusiasm with many a franc

As much as I’d love to hate you
On the flip side and very much the truth
I’d hate to leave you,
A quandary that only serves
To whet my appetite and indulge more
For I for you is all enchantment

So who invented M-Pesa? (via Bizextras)

So who invented M-Pesa? This might sound boring or even stale, but then questions have been asked and answers provided as to who invented MPESA.It is a question that seemingly wont go away, it has been in courts, newspaper and research articles have been written, but it just does not go away.Here is the latest in the ongoing of just who invented this service…Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, a former MP and minister of trade has been attending a fellowship at an American University. … Read More

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